Phuc from DeKnot

Hi there, I'm Phuc Le from DeKnot.
I'm here to help you get up and finding more backlinks for your websites. Let's go!

Learn the basic

3 steps · About 5 min
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    See what you'll learn

    Welcome to DeKnot! Your path to have a better backlink building starts here.

    In the first step, you'll learn how to use the search bar to find websites that tend to link back to your websites.

    Next, storing the list of websites and sending an email campaign for pitching your ideas.

    Sounds good? Let's dive into the first step!

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    How to use search bar to find websites?

    At the beginning of this video, you can learn to find linkable websites and their contact info (emails + social networks + contact forms) by using Guest Post, Sponsored Post, Resource Page, Review Product, Comment strategies.

    I also show you how to custom Operator to apply other link building strategies to crawl contact info of any websites.

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    Storing crawled websites

    Once you have all websites that suitable for your criteria, you can export them to an Excel file or add them to a favorite list.

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    Sending an email campaign

    This last step will walk you through sending emails to webmasters. You will also learn how to set up follow-up emails, these emails will be sent when your initial email has no response.

    Learn more about Replacers & Fakers.