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If you need more links to outrank your competitors, DeKnot will help you build more backlinks in just 2 steps.

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How It Works

Step 1

Find or Crawl Relevant Websites

Our database has over 60.000 websites that willing to link back to your website. You can find your favorite websites in there or crawl more websites if needed.

Finds 200's of relevant websites in seconds.

Typing your keyword and hit Enter. We will return around 200 websites that relevant to your keyword and their contact information includes emails, contact forms, social networks.

View websites metrics of each website.

DeKnot also provide Domain Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Keyword, Referring Domain, and Monthly Traffic of each website so you can choose suitable websites for your campaign.

Add suitable websites to favorite list.

Store all websites into a list so you won't lose them and you might want to send an email campaign from your list too.

Step 2

Create a New Campaign

Create a campaign to send emails to websites of a favorite list.

Setup the initial email & follow-up emails.

Compose initial email for pitching your ideas with built-in templates and automatic follow-ups if doesn't receive any response.

Using Replacers & Fakers to 'Get Personal' in your emails.

No one really enjoys feeling like they're being marketed to. So as a marketer, you should create an experience that makes your prospects feel like you're speaking to their specific needs.

Sending out campaign and tracking the metrics.

Sending out all the emails and we will give you update on open rates, reply rate, click rate, etc.

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